About Me

My Name is Steven Underhill Bsc (open), My degree is in IT, Environmental and earth science.

My main business is the design and hosting of websites, But my hobby is photography.

I don’t have a lot of money, i don’t have a top of the range DSLR camera, in fact my selection of cameras consist of a few more unusual choices.

I have a Casio FX camera, not highest resolution , but still is hard to beat with a 40fps quick burst photo mode, and the great slow motion highspeed video with 640 frames per second giving some amazing slow motion footage.

My other camera is an older toshiba video camera that has a great timelapse function on it.

And my newest main camera is my Samsung galaxy camera, Basically a point a shoot, but with a full android interface with wifi and social interface.

Whilst not a DSLR it can has a few features such as brkt exposure for HDR, countless filters, star trails and more, and with a new app can then provide more functionality.


It’s big feature i am trying to use is its remote control.  Armed with a tablet / phone i can directly control all the functions of the camera remotely. i have made a 20ft monopod to put the camera on and operate it from the ground.

My other camera ( out of action at the moment ) is my AR Drone. a flying camera with a 50m height range that i am waiting for some money to upgrade to a 1500mm range for some great aerial photography.